March 14, 2012

Source of Sorrow.


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Although I meditate regularly, why do I often feel sorrow in my life when objectively there is very little?


If you are feeling sorrowful even though there are no recent losses in your life, then it is likely that your meditation practice is healing old grief that was never fully processed from your past. Sometimes the emotional healing process is not limited to the time sitting in meditation and spills over into the moods of our daily life. But still that healing is a good thing. That is what meditation is supposed to do—clear up the old conditioning that is blocking the full and free expression of our creative potential. As that old sorrow fades, you will feel released from your past. In the meantime, just be easy and patient with the process, and don’t get caught up in trying to locate a reason or meaning behind the sorrow.


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  1. Wendy Wallace

    I am starting to understand That we are supposed to be practicing flexablity. I think conditioned thinking and the ego wants everything to be in set of predictable situations so we can always be organized and prepared ,but spirit wants us to be in a trusting mindset where we move and flow like the seasons. Change and growth being creative and flowing. I am working on this. Its a different mindset. Meditation is awesome .I am loving it. Music helps me.

  2. Julia Mallett

    If you feel good or bad, there is usually a reason. How you feel and working through that, drives you to something better than the status quo, and you can learn things from that. Balance is key.

  3. Diane Belair

    good answer!

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