March 27, 2012

Source of Motivation.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I have some questions that hold me back because I don't know what to do. What do you think is the best place of which to take action from inspiration or motivation? Should I wait for inspiration or motivate myself to do what I think is best to do and why? How do I have a detachment from outcome while still being motivated to go for the outcome? If motivation of course is the right path in your opinion. One last question: Does the subconscious play a role in creating my reality and thinking positively?


Motivation and inspiration that comes from your true self, rather than your ambitious ego personality is the best place to act from. That ensures that the action will be in your best interests. Your silent self is a place of knowingness that is beyond fear or judgment, aligned with cosmic intelligence, so when it inspires and motivates you, you will know the action is appropriate and the time is right.

Remaining detached while you are motivated to act requires a connection to your core self. While you are cultivating that silent presence of the self through meditation, you can also foster that detachment by remaining humble about the limits of one’s individual intelligence. When you recognize that your ego mind does not necessarily know what is the best path to attain your goals, then it is easier to be unattached to the outcomes that arise on the journey towards fulfillment of your goals.

Yes, the subconscious does play a role in creating your reality. Part of the role of meditation is to make the subconscious mind conscious and thereby in accord with our spiritual intentions.



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  1. heartphone

    The source of motivation IS inspiration. An inspired person is someone who values the fact that grass grows by itself, flowers open up to the sun by itself and that life unfolds by itself. Once you grab this simple truth you understand that just by breathing in and out you are the most creative person in the world. If you are able to value yourself on that simple level creative ideas pop up with taozen (with thousands a time lol)

  2. Robbiezen

    Spirituality is not an exact science. Different methords work for different persons. That`s the truth. Ego CAN sometimes be good. I don`t buy into that ego-driven ambitions are inhibiting or suppressing ourselves or our goals. I`m sorry but that`s just not true. How the heck do you explain the success of say, Madonna, Bono, Rolling Stones, Tom Cruise etc, etc?! Don`t tell me those persons were in touch with their core self or their silent presence, because they weren`t, OK, not that I know of, anyway. They were, I understand, absolutely driven by the ego and self-concern among other things. How do you otherwise explain the need to exact adulation and praise from the consumers and world. If you need 50 000 people to scream out your name you`re clearly insecure. Bono himself said so. Google it!

  3. Bridget

    What do you think is the best place of which to take action from inspiration or motivation? Does the subconscious play a role in creating my reality and thinking positively? Nice People in wonder surroundings FB, Twitter(nature,certain work enviroments)Good smells, bright colors,Music makes me creative at work. My dreams have been telling which path to take for years..I finally have been listening, and they have not let me down... Peace, Light & Love, Bridget Knapek

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