November 12, 2021
Ask Deepak

Soul Needs vs. Soul Wants.


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How do you distinguish between what a soul wants vs. what a soul needs?


If by soul you mean the pure unmanifest essence of individuality, then the soul doesn’t want or need anything. It is complete unto itself, with or without any outside experiences. The recognition of this inner fulfillment dawns with enlightenment, or self-realization. There one cognizes the identity between one’s core existence and the universal existence of all life.

If there is a question of wants and needs, it is the need for the unawakened self to awaken to its true unlimited status. This need is built-in to the evolutionary force of Nature itself. The expansion of consciousness is like an existential imperative baked in to everything in creation. However, our free will means that we can ignore or distract ourselves from this force of transformation or dharma for long periods of time. If we align our wants or desires to this evolutionary flow, then we can accelerate the awakening process.



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