January 2, 2012

Soul Connection.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

By making a soul connection, your true purpose in life will become the foundation of everything you do.

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  1. Prince Banerjee

    we are all searching for the ultimate reality..........the one who listens and even the one who preaches.........as a matter of fact whether we agree or not we all are moving towards the same direction.

  2. Heulwen Renshaw

    I think that if we all remembered that we have a soul, it would help to accept that we can`t have everything..and are blessed with what we already have.

  3. Gary

    Blessings and Curses come from the One Same Self disguised as the universe. Humanity is One with this Self, karma has unexpected ways. What one human being does against them self, they do against the total Self, what we do to earth may not be repayed by the earth necessarily, giving us a false sense of security. Only by living our reality of one-ness can we transcend from the good and bad debts and reach atonement and stop "missing the mark". The Self relates All Perhaps this explains why accidents happen and what seemingly seems unrelated in karmic payback is a simple give and take of the Self. Ultimately a Self of forgiveness can also then be forgiven should it fall. Values of the Self speak wonders. I need to stop with this attitude that life somehow seems unfair, when it is completely and perfectly just in it`s own time!

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