April 30, 2021
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Solipsism and Real Self.


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Dear Deepak, Sometimes I get this feeling I am the only real person, there is only me and the people around me are my “projections”. Please share your views on this.


This view, that the individual perceiver is the only reality, is called solipsism, and philosophically it is not treated seriously for some obvious reasons. For instance, why would someone who believes they are the only real person bother trying to communicate their thoughts and feelings to others?

But your question seems lighter and suggests a feeling that others are distant and unconnected to your inner awareness and sense of reality. When you look at others, you seem to be saying they don’t share the same conscious agency that you have.

It’s possible that this feeling could be an initial consolidation of your silent inner self knowing itself as distinct from any perception of the world around it. Many people often feel this separate reality inside as a detachment from others. If that is the case your new sense of self and inner presence will soon begin to adjust and learn to recognize and accommodate the reality and meaningful engagement with real others, without losing the reality of your inner nature. This is the direction of full awakening since the spiritual traditions speak of the breakthrough insight into reality as a realization of the identity of individuality with the wholeness of all life and creation.



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