December 26, 2014

Small Injuries.


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I have been practicing mindfulness and have been experiencing the benefits. However, I have been seeing a pattern. I keep getting hit – minor injuries, cuts, hits and it makes me wonder what in me is amiss and I find it confusing as to how to explore this. These happen to be moments when I am tired or irritated… and I really want to work on this. I strive to be more aware and give myself permission to feel tired amidst lot of work but despite that I tend to go in an automatic mode only to be jarred by some small episode…. Could you guide me ?
Thank you so much!!!


If you want to understand the connection between these little cuts and bumps and your inner life, look to the emotional content of your mind. You mentioned feeling irritated. In Ayurveda, these minor injuries are often connected to a pitta imbalance, and emotionally that includes feelings of frustration, anger, impatience and irritability. Look to what might be the source of that frustration in your life and see if there is a way you can address it directly.


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  1. Lisa Templeton-Browne

    Peter Eade

  2. Zen Finity

    Amen again Brother!

  3. Kerstin Kelley

    Thank you for this one. It always happens to me when I am not in the NOW.

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