September 17, 2014

Sleeping and the Gap.


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Are sleeping and being in the gap the same thing? If there's no experience in the gap or in dreamless sleep aren't we then "going to the same place?" Isn't that what we do when we sleep at night? We have dreams to release our mental and emotional build up and then go into deep dreamless sleep where we go back to the source and tap in and begin healing? Thank you Deepak.


The gap is a state of silent wakefulness. It is an expanded state of awareness. Dreamless sleep is state of unconsciousness. Sleep certainly serves an essential rejuvenating function in our life, but it is different from the state of restful alertness we gain by experiencing the gap during meditation.



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  1. gypsyspirit

    Hi 69 years old young lady, I am 40 years old man from India. I have written a book `Confirming the Cosmos`. It will appeal a balanced person like you who sees both sides of coin. It`s available on amazon. Or let me know your address I will send a copy personally.

  2. heartphone

    Restful alertness is being present in the NOW. Everyone is, as long as he/she does not become over-conscious of this, because then it`s gone. This also happens in meditation. The moment you become conscious of the fact you are in the gap, it is gone. Being in that gap happens spontaneously, just like imagination, intuition and creativity do. Meditation is a wonderful tool, but so are all things a child experiences on its way of discovery in life. Become a child, eager to learn and experience and you will find out you are in the creative gap and can stay in it even longer and longer. Just the experience of a 69 old woman, still eager to learn and visualize it in my daily life........And sleep will come to wash it all away, to prepare you for another creative day :)

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