January 25, 2023
Ask Deepak

Sleep in Meditation.


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Dear Deepak, I have been meditating for over a year now. I mostly meditate twice a day or at least once a day. I do both breath awareness meditation chakra balancing guided meditation from your chakra balancing CD. The thing is that for a month or so, sometimes I fall asleep during meditation and even banged my head. A few times when it happened I gave up my meditation and tried to sleep right away but was perfectly fresh. When I gave up the meditation and could not sleep. So now when I feel sleepy I complete my meditation. What can this be? Moreover when I started to meditate my mind did go quiet but soon after I started I am unable to reach a peaceful state of mind. What can I do better or different? I do feel some benefits of the practice.


Don’t overthink or over-evaluate your meditation. If you feel too sleepy to meditate, then sleep. If you then find that you are alert and not sleepy anymore, then sit up and meditate. During meditation, there are periods where the mind is quieter when it is moving deep into silence, and there are times when the mind is more active when the body is releasing old conditioning. Both cycles are necessary and productive parts of meditation, so don’t judge the parts of meditation that aren’t “peaceful” as wrong or incorrect.



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