September 26, 2014

Sleep Consciousness.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


You said "Dreamless sleep is state of unconsciousness". So sleep is consciousness? As the body lays motionless, where does our consciousness go? Does it return to Source only to come back when we are awake? Or is it Source's way of "clicking" off momentarily an aspect of itself?


Even though there is no conscious mental activity in sleep, it is still considered a mode of consciousness—the minimal state of awareness, compared with dreaming and waking consciousness. Awareness doesn’t go anywhere as it shifts between states, because consciousness is nonlocal. The source of awareness, pure consciousness is always underlying and supporting all these states of consciousness even if that connection is not yet conscious through meditation.


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  1. heartphone

    @Lacy Mayfield: the only way you can really help others these days seems to be to write a blog or a book about the subject you are wondering about. During the writing `problems` often become clearer and solutions are the next sentences one writes. And so Life reveals its secrets on the way. Why do you think soo much has already been written by philosophers, scientists and every discipline we have invented up till now? Why do you think Deepak Chopra and Richard Dawkins(to mention just a few) both write so much? It makes their thoughts and experiences clearer to them. Just because you see some meaningful text in it that appeals to you does not solve your problem. Only way to solve your problem is writing about it and find solutions on the go. He but that`s what life is all about: just live and go... with the flow... and solutions become present by itself.......seems most of us have forgotten this.......

  2. Lacy Mayfield

    Hi, Deepak. I`m curious. How do I interact with someone who is constantly taken over by thought and negatively affected by it? I agree with what you say about giving advice and how it is sometimes useless (if I understand you correctly). Is there a way to suggest to them a better way of life without seeming to preach to them? I find it hard to interact with someone and be silent about not buying into every thought and being taken over by ego but I am often silent. If I agree with them, I am dishonest. If I suggest a better way, I would be preaching. So should I just be that space for them and listen? Should I wait for them to ask advice or just never give it and tell what I believe to be true? I would like to add that I greatly appreciate what you do for humanity. I never understand why some people don`t see you truly care. It is obvious that Richard Dawkins doesn`t genuinely care for people. He has many valid arguments, BUT he claims to work for humanity and still is condescending to humans. He leaves no room for imagination outside of his beliefs. He thinks anyone who doesn`t believe like him is idiotic. I don`t think you can work for humanity without genuine care for them. I feel deeply touched by your message and I feel a better quality of life based on your teachings. Love, Lacy

  3. Sandra

    When we are sleeping or dead we return to spirit. Consciousness is both local and non local. People like Danny BigBeard (creator of Echovox)and Anthony F Sanchez (creator of GB-1) are making huge progress in terms of helping us connect with that consciousness. And obviously, it supports what Deepak has been relaying all along.

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