April 2, 2016

Sleep and the Gap.


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Isn’t it true that when you’re in deep sleep you are in an incredible state of Meditation and in the gap? With that being said I tend to fall asleep while in the gap therefore I don’t believe I’m getting the full experience. Is this common? Do you have suggestions on how to focus when meditating so that I don’t fall asleep?


The sleep state of consciousness is indeed a type of experience of the gap. However, unless one is conscious during sleep, then the potentiality of that gap cannot be realized. For the gap to be functional you need to be able to consciously project your intention there.

As far as your question about falling sleeping during meditation, that usually means you need to get more rest at night. Meditation provides a valuable experience of rest, but it is not a substitute for a good night’s sleep. If you make a point of getting more sleep at night but still doze off during meditation, then it means that there is a particular type of conditioning that requires that experience in order for it to be released. In that case, don’t resist the sleep during meditation. If you need to, lie down and sleep. When you wake up finish with a few minutes of meditation to clear your awareness before you get up.



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