January 9, 2023
Ask Deepak

Sleep and Meditation.


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I’ve been interested in the subject of meditating and finding relaxation through it, however, whenever I’ve tried one of the practices, I keep ending up asking myself; Wait! isn’t this exactly what sleeping does! Closing my eyes and letting go of all thoughts is exactly what I go through when I am asleep. I might get one or two dreams every now and then but then the whole idea of disconnection from my worries when I am awake is exactly what sleep gives me. What’s all the hype about and what am I missing? I’d be interested in understanding the difference between proper meditating and a proper sleep.


Meditation gives the body and mind a much deeper quality of rest than sleep. Obviously, it is also a very different subjective experience, and it is a much different physiological experience as well. This can be seen through EEG measurements of the brain, hormone levels in the blood, and cellular metabolism. But the real value of meditation goes far beyond rest; it is how we awaken to our true selves and attain our full human potential. Sleep does not give you that.



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