January 23, 2012

Sinus Pain in Meditation.


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I've been meditating for about 5 years. At the beginning of my meditation sessions I experience a pain in my sinus area, similar to the pain experienced when water is breathed in through the nose by accident. This pain was more intense for the first few years of meditating but has become almost non-existent now, except for the occasions I have let things get in the way and have not meditated for a few days or so. Now the feeling is not so much a pain as just sort of an opening up or a flow of energy through that area. Do you have any insight/opinions on what this could be?


It sounds like a deep-rooted trauma that is stored in you sinus area has been largely released through meditation, but that traces of the remaining stress can get reactivated under certain circumstances. You said that it also can reemerge if you haven’t meditated for a few days. That suggests that meditating regularly every day would be the simplest way to avoid the situation and to eventually remove the source of the problem altogether.


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  1. Allison

    I realize that this thread was made a long time ago, but I started meditating recently and have experienced the exact same thing. I realized that meditation actually clears my sinuses. I had a massive sinus headache, and after meditating, it was more or less gone, and all the mucous had gone down to my throat. I experienced the pain while meditating, though, as my sinuses were clearing. Gross, but neat, huh?

  2. Daniela Kloska

    It might be the release of tension from the scull bones.

  3. wb

    I get a very similar thing. Though it seems get`s stronger and stronger for the first ten minutes or so (I am guessing, no concept of time) and then eventually it starts to get very light there. It is like someone is shining a light almost between my eyebrows, then the pain goes away. It is very bright. That is the best part of the meditation, and somewhat addictive :)

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