September 13, 2022
Ask Deepak

Silent Witness.


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When the experience of the higher Self deepens, does there come a point when even the silent witness disappears? In meditation, even when there are no thoughts (I presume this is the gap) there is still a subtle feeling of the silent witness. Does the silent witness have to disappear before the experience of the higher Self takes place, or is the silent witness the higher Self.


The silent witness is the higher Self. It describes the observer aspect to pure consciousness. If that silent witness value is not noticed when you experience the gap, it doesn’t mean that it has disappeared or that you have outgrown it, it just indicates that a different quality of that pure consciousness is being noticed at that time. 

The point at which the sense of silent witness disappears is when you move into unity consciousness. There the distinction between subject and object, knower and known, is not as important as the awareness of wholeness that unites and underlies everything.



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