October 26, 2013

Silencing the Mind.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I really have a hard time silencing my mind during meditation and as a result I do not think that I am getting to the point of falling into the gap. What can I do to help?


Every time one thought in our mind ends and another emerges, there is a little gap in between where that creative transformation happens. That gap is omnipresent in the midst of the thousands of thoughts we have in our mind every day.

During meditation, we experience that gap every time the faint thought of the mantra fades away and then some new thought arises. Our true self rests in that gap, and in meditation we create the situation to consciously experience it. You are most certainly falling into the gap many, many times each meditation, but because those episodes are brief, you may not be consciously noticing it. That will improve in time as the duration and conscious depth of the experience increases. For now, know that if you are experiencing benefits from your meditation in daily life, that means the little dips into the gaps are still having their cumulative effects. Even a quick dip in the pool gets you wet.


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  1. Sandy

    Oh this is so wonderful. Thank you for this amazing and most encouraging response. This is perfect. Thank you also to the individual who raised the question.

  2. Gérard Despret


  3. Sebastian P V

    Dear Deepak, I am a naive practitioner. My inputs are therefore not much experience driven or research oriented. It is my simple understanding that I am attempting to share with you. If one starts practicing meditation with a purpose in mind it is likely that the purpose and related thoughts might get flashed intermittently in mind during the meditation. To me meditation should be purposeless. When there is a purpose, there is reason / motive behind the purpose causing "business" in mind. The purpose also causes internal urge to focus on the result. When we meditate with an end result in mind, it creates unnecessary anxiety and multiple internal turbulence. The first step therefore is to achieve self-realization that meditation is purposeless and in purposelessness will there be emptiness. Your point on "gap" too is valid and a reality. As I write this, one part of my mind is engaged in finding out how I can become purposeless. Will this world accept a purposeless Sebastian? To become purposeless can also be seen as a purpose in itself? So?? I am keen to get your perspectives and inputs. Love Sebastian

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