March 3, 2018

Signs and Incidents.


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I am 36 years old and very interested in spiritual affairs. After reading several spiritual books, I figured out that they all refer to a phenomenon called “Signs”: the events or the incidents which serve as assets to show us our unique path to happiness.
My question is: how can we tell real “signs” from mere incidents in our lives?


Signs or synchronistic events stand out above ordinary events by the personal connection they reveal between you and the universe. This connection will often show itself in response to a question you have in mind. For instance a friend recently told me said she had heard earlier in the day that her friend Rosie, who she hadn’t seen in years had been quite ill. As she was walking down the street wondering about her, she saw a young woman in the process of delivering roses. Just as the roses reminded her of Rosie, she overheard someone behind her say “great.”  At that moment she just knew her friend was fine. And when she called her up later, when asked how she was doing, Rosie said, “I’m doing great.” So seeing someone delivering roses and hearing the word “great” is not an extraordinary sign or event, but in the context of what my friend was asking of the universe, it was a perfectly tailored response. Much depends on how well we listen and pay attention to what is happening around us.




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