April 12, 2021
Ask Deepak

Side Effects of Meditation.


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Are there side effects to meditation? I practice Christian meditation and each time I meditate I get headaches, I feel spaced out and intense. My emotions are usually raging that I have a hard time concentrating and functioning. I’m ungrounded and anxious as well. Is this normal?


Any negative side effects of meditation can only come from doing meditation incorrectly. That means mentally straining or resisting against thoughts trying to stay concentrated. That effort keeps the mind from spontaneously moving toward self-awareness – the goal of meditation. If you are unsettled and emotionally upset before starting meditation, then the best thing to do is practice a few minutes of easy breathing exercises, or pranayama, to calm the mind and then begin meditation. Remember as you do your meditation, never force or push against thoughts or feelings, once you remember you are off your meditation, just easily and effortlessly bring your mind back to the practice.



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