March 13, 2024
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Should we be seeing colors during peaceful meditation?.


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“I am totally new to meditation and have started meditation for the first time in my life with your 21-day Meditation Experience. 

During my meditation, I felt a couple of things and would like to know if it is normal to feel those. 

(1) I once saw a kind of fire on my forehead followed by a very bright light 

(2) In the initial days I felt kind of dizzy while sitting, so I did the meditation while lying down and I felt as if my body was so light as if in the air 

(3) I also saw violet, blue and green colors once. – Is it normal? 

Also, kindly guide me and advise what kind of meditation I should do once I complete this meditation. 

Your guidance will be a great help for me as I have several health problems and I feel very peaceful after starting the meditation and don’t want to stop. 

It’s just that I don’t know which direction I should go further.“


All of these experiences are fine and normal and represent the natural process of release that happens in the mind and body as awareness begins to expand and open up. 

These experiences, seeing a flame on the forehead, feeling light/dizzy in the body, and seeing colors, are not important in their particular details which relate to your individual history, but they are important for indicating that the meditation is working to transform your awareness toward a truer awareness of your real self.



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