December 24, 2020
Ask Deepak

Settling for a Non-Soulmate.


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You mentioned in one of your video blogs that a soulmate is someone who matches the frequency of one’s soul and this phenomenon is very rare. If it is so rare Dr. Chopra than can you suggest how to move on and not wait for a soulmate although I believe in it very deeply. How to begin a relationship with someone I think and I know is not my soulmate but is potentially a good partner. Please help!


Successful partnership is about finding and creating the loving relationship that is right for your spiritual and emotional needs. It is not about living a romantic fairytale about perfect love. If a soulmate is what you need, then it will happen, but if it isn’t what you need, then why waste time waiting for a fantasy that isn’t even what you need right now?

There are all kinds of essential loving relationships that enrich our lives, it is mistaken to believe that we need to reject the love that comes our way in life in order to hold out for an imaginary, perfect ideal love that will complete us. I have found that the mental ideal of the soulmate ironically tends to drive people into a desperate state, disconnected from the love that is around them.



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