June 4, 2012

Senses and Consciousness.


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Deepak, This is probably more of a philosophical question than anything, but would a human being who lost all five senses continue to have thoughts/cognition? I think this is an important question because an answer would help explain the nature of consciousness


Consciousness is more than just our waking awareness that is filled with thoughts. When we sleep we are in a different state of consciousness and when we dream, we are in yet another state of consciousness. In both of these states, our external senses are inactive. As we pass through all these different modes of consciousness there is an underlying continuity in which we maintain our sense of identity and memory of self. This baseline level of awareness is our true self, pure consciousness which we directly experience in meditation when we have gone beyond all sensory activity and all thought.


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  1. Paul

    If one is born blind and deaf, would they still dream people with bodies and hear correctly spoken language within the dream? How would one`s memory, and thus dream life appear, if there is no personal and historical bank to draw such images from?

  2. Sunita

    What is the difference between soul & conscious . Soul is infinite, does conscious die with the body. What are the traits of a soul.

  3. Ricardo del Mundo

    An excellent answer! Taking this one step further, it seems apparent that physical death has no bearing upon the original source of being. i.e. we are eternal souls, enjoying a temporary field trip as human beings.

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