November 8, 2021
Ask Deepak

Sensation in the Forehead.


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Hi Deepak, Usually whenever I do concentrated meditation, I feel a tingling sensation in the lower center of my forehead (where one might place a “bindi”). Over the past few months, I’ve felt this sensation shift over to the right about a centimeter. It’s noticeably uncomfortable and awkward feeling. What do you think the reason for this might be? It doesn’t feel natural. I would greatly appreciate a response. Thank you kindly.


The first sensation you described in the lower center of your forehead is considered an encouraging landmark indicating an awakening of the energetic center in the head which promotes self-awareness, intuition and wisdom. The shift you experienced to the right of center is likely a physical manifestation of some secondary clearance or purification that got stirred up from the initial opening of consciousness. Don’t worry about it, it will go away when the blockage is released.



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