June 20, 2014

Self-hypnosis and Meditation.


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Dear Dr.Deepak,
What is the difference between self-hypnosis and meditation? Do both have the same effect to the brains of a person?
Thanks in advance for your answer.


There are of course many types of meditation, but from the studies done comparing hypnosis and silent mantra meditation the brain functioning was substantially different in meditators indicating a more significant change of consciousness from conventional waking state consciousness than the hypnosis group. This is what one might expect based on the theory behind mantra meditation, because if the meditation is designed to give one the experience of awareness beyond discursive thinking, it should produce brain activity that is characteristically distinct from our thinking process – even thinking under hypnosis.


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    Dear Deepack, For how long do I need to leasing to hypnosis CDs to get results? To get fears and habits permanent gone from my subcouncouis mind zfor good. Thank you so much OO

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