June 13, 2022
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Self-Help Philosophies.


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In the search for fulfillment and a meaningful life many people including myself find themselves in the section of a bookstore called “popular psychology” or “self-help” where your own books are usually found. I’ve noticed that there are two distinct approaches – one that the answer lies in realising that your true self is not the ego, not a collection of past events and that we are one with God and the universe. The other approach seems to be opposite and we find ourselves analysing our past in great detail and trying to create our future by working through lots of list-making exercises. Are these two positions fundamentally incompatible?

You are right that these two approaches are generally divergent, but they don’t have to be fundamentally incompatible. The spiritual approach that focuses on your true self beyond your ego is the more comprehensive and inclusive solution. The analytic historical approach, however, can be used in a way that either strengthens the ego’s agenda, or used to heal and balance the expression of the true self through the ego. The latter approach can be used quite effectively in conjunction with the spiritual approach to create a healthy, self-actualized self.

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