October 24, 2018

Searching for Meditation.


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I’ve been searching to find a true method to do meditation. What I want from Meditation is to Experience higher levels of Consciousness, to Experience Samadhi and the unity with all universe. I heard that the techniques are easy but I didn’t have the chance to find any. Can you help me with that? Can you help me to reach what they call Atma in Yoga? I find it difficult to even find a teacher in my country or even to afford the classes. So I guessed maybe I could get some help here. Thank you : )


When we first hear about meditation from the spiritual traditions of the East, it is easy to believe that meditation is exotic and far from our immediate experience. But in fact meditation is simply a way to experience the consciousness that has always been in the background of every thought, feeling and experience we have in life. That inside of you which is comprehending the words you are reading right now is your true self, your Atman. The one within that is hearing the sounds around you and feels the sensation of your feet on the floor is your consciousness which is the unity of the universe. Meditation is a way to let awareness experience itself without the activity of the mind. There is nothing closer or more accessible than your own awareness. It is not exotic or grandiose-it is just you.

There are many meditation options for you wherever you are, even if you don’t have access to a personal teacher in your country. The simplest meditation is the So Hum meditation that you use in association with your breath. You can learn it or other types of meditation you may have an affinity for online. At our Chopra.com website, you have the option of signing up for free 21 day meditation courses online. Or for a fee you can be instructed into Primordial Sound Meditation in an online course, which is helpful if you are in an area where there are no local teachers.



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