April 7, 2020
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First of all, I have read some of your books and have found them to have me questioning my fundamental so-called beliefs. After experiencing the death of my best friend, my husband, I was left with questioning the purpose of life and have been searching for answers. I am more confused than ever. A friend of mine who has a very strong personality recently experienced a sense of newfound spirituality. She was at church, and of course the interpretation of the church is that she “was saved”. She is different, she says now she feels a different sense of what feels right to her. Is this to be explained by the thought that she has a better sense of her consciousness? I am confused and still searching for something that will help me find purpose. Some would call it a state of depression, I don’t know what to call this lost feeling that I often experience, it is at times even painful. How do I find wellness?


If I understand you correctly, as you are questioning your beliefs about life since the death of your husband, you have been hoping to have your questions answered by a spiritual experience the way your friend did. But you are suspicious of the religious trappings that go with her interpretation. That’s fine. That means you are ready for a spiritual transformation that comes from within yourself and is expressed on its own terms. Embrace that journey and trust your inner guidance to lead you where you need to go. A daily meditation practice will be indispensable for enlightening your path.

Your state of depression and feeling lost comes from your unhealed grief in losing your husband. That process will take its own time. And even though you think you need a spiritual awakening to get over your loss, that’s not entirely true. The two actions are somewhat independent, so don’t let your feeling of being lost confuse you into thinking that spiritual growth isn’t happening or can’t happen until you feel better.



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