September 7, 2020
Ask Deepak

Scary Experience.


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I did a meditation “who am I?” I had a very scary experience. The crown of my head ached afterward for days and I kept hearing the angry accusation (thought) that “you are a dog” I was too afraid to continue. I could not control the voice and it took a week to subside. I thought I conjured up a demon that hates me. Maybe mental illness is uncovered during meditation, I still practice, especially mindfulness and present moment awareness, but I am afraid of the who am I question. Very afraid. Can you offer comment or help? This happened months ago, and although I have been troubled by it, I have not had the courage to ask what caused this reaction. Please answer me


As we clear out the old psychological debris from our minds through meditation, we invariably run into old thought patterns that don’t want to go. These old patterns can be quite creative in throwing up obstacles to dissuade us from continuing our meditation. So in your case it made an angry accusatory voice that insulted you to put you off your practice. Distracting thoughts, doubts, and physical discomfort are a few of the other ways in which our old self tries to derail our meditation practice. The way to deal with these obstacles is to recognize them for the distractions they are and then simply return to your meditation.



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