August 9, 2015

Scared of Letting Go.


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I have been doing your 21 mediation day. I have practiced a form of mediation for 9 years called knowledge which is for techniques that help me go inside. It has always made me feel quite anchored and relaxed but not entirely fulfilled. Your mediation is very different. I am on day 8. Day 7 was amazing, I released a lot of emotion and felt utterly grateful. Today was very relaxing. Towards the end I felt like I was falling and rocking internally. Although the sensation was pleasant I was scared of letting go- of losing control in some way- fearful. I have been suffering from anxiety for around 6 months and maybe this is impacting as I feel quite fearful a lot. Is this normal as I really want to find inner peace and experience my true, graceful self.

Thank you so much


During meditation we may experience a deep level of silence that then allows some held tensions to be released. Sometimes this feels relaxing, and at other times it may cause the mind to contract in fear that it is happening too fast. That was your experience of being afraid  to let go or lose control. Your inner self is the source of all security. It’s always safe to be more deeply established in your true self. Knowing that and recognizing that this fearful thought has come up only as a result of a release of old conditioning, you can simply return to the meditation assured that your higher self has everything well in hand and is guiding your progress exactly as it needs to unfold.



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