April 2, 2021
Ask Deepak

Saying Goodbye to Your Guide.


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Recently I had this guided meditation in which I had the chance to meet my spiritual guide. It was all good until it was time to say goodbye, I felt a deep sadness inside of me and I started to somehow say that I didn’t wanted to be apart from him again and I was crying really hard. I’d like to know why this happened and how can I keep my connection with my spiritual guide. Thanks!


The guide you experienced is a relative aspect of your self, not your deepest self. When you had the contact with your guide, you felt cared for and when the contact stopped you thought that meant he was leaving and the caring stopped. Consequently, you felt abandoned.

But your truest guidance is your core consciousness, your higher self. By definition, it is always with you. It never says goodbye to you, because it is you. To stay connected to your guidance you only need to awaken to your true status through meditation.



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