May 23, 2023
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Sadness in the Body.


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Dear and  Respected Deepak, I am a daily meditation practitioner for more than a year now. I meditate 50-100 minutes daily. What I’m seeking is joy and serenity. I have always been a sad, gloomy person inside. Sometimes I feel sadness in every part of my body for no good reason and it hurts so much. I have taken medication for depression etc. but nothing seems to cure it. I thought meditation would help but these days I feel sad more than ever. I have high hopes from my meditation practice. Please comment. Regards


Meditation can help you deal with you sadness, but it needs to be part of a larger program that includes vigorous daily exercise, balanced diet of fresh food, positive social interaction, and meaningful activity. Since  you especially feel the sadness in your body, I would also recommend doing yoga asanas and pranayama twice a day as well to help release it from your body.



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