October 14, 2014

Restarting Meditation Practice.


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Hi Deepak,
I used to meditate regularly but didn’t find I was getting the benefits I did when I first started. I recently started meditating again but I find that after 3 – 5 minutes I feel so exhausted that I have to lie down and sleep. Is this normal?


Feeling sleepy and exhausted after beginning to meditate is fine. It indicates that the backlog of your fatigue is looking for an opportunity for release through rest. It’s a normal experience insofar as many people also have a backlog of tiredness when they begin (or re-begin) meditation.



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  1. Constance Hayward

    Deepak Chopra you are the greatest and I LOVE your explanations!! God Bless You!! You do India and Indians proud!!

  2. Angela Dorada

    That happens to me too! I'm glad that is normal

  3. Tere Ortega

    en espanol

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