August 5, 2019

Religious Misconceptions.


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What do you feel is primarily the most often or widespread misconception most westerners, primarily ones who regard themselves as Christian, have regarding Hinduism, the Hindu gods and focus of worship?  I realize this is an awfully big question, so a partial answer will suffice if you don’t have the time to deal with the entire issue.  So much of my environment growing up was overshadowed by adults with limited or no understanding of a universal view of things.  I want so much to understand all eastern religions, but in particular this one.

When I try to read text that talk about Hinduism, I end up no more clear than when I started.  I am not a scholar, but I subscribe pretty much-to the extent I understand you, to almost the same view of what we are doing here, what God (the Force) is.  The term Pagan worship really doesn’t mean anything to me either.  I don’t know anyone who could explain it better.  I like the way you simplify complex concepts. I would like to know why, since I had nothing other than negative influence about it in my upbringing I feel an intense good emotion, say while listening to a Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. Very intense, almost float off my seat nice.  So, can you help me?


Probably the biggest misconception Westerners have about Hinduism, is thinking that all the gods and goddesses are external deities, wholly independent of our own pure awareness. In fact, externalized, literal interpretation of scripture is the main misunderstanding in all religions. Discussions of God, heavens, hells, gods, goddesses, demons, angels, etc.…. are really about the journey of awakening in our own consciousness. These words describe the dynamic evolution of our spirit, not an external world we are supposed to dogmatically believe in.

The original pagans around the world also seemed to have held an integrated view of Nature and their consciousness.  The spirit that embodied the mountains, rivers, or fire was an aspect of their own spirit and it was all a reflection of the universal spirit that pervaded the entire universe.



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