August 7, 2023
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Can meditation release old, sabotaging mental patterns?.


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Can meditation release an old sabotaging mental pattern? I am not able to create a more self-loving me…I hear, see and know the solutions, however, in everyday life my behavior and words are not stepping into my true power. Along the same lines, as I face the fear, anxiety is felt. As well as that, the subconscious causes me to sleep when experience moving through the old block. Does this indicate the pattern is being released and healed?


The old patterns are being released, but it takes time. The fear is coming from a subconscious place where you feel weak and isolated. This makes the fear mostly impervious to rational attempts to change it, so going beyond thinking through meditation is the long-term solution, but it requires patience.

Facing the fear in everyday activities is helpful, just remember to do deep conscious breathing at the same time, and let your attention or self-awareness reside in the space at the base of your spine. This will keep you more grounded and feeling secure. That centeredness of awareness is what helps heal and clear the block. Deep sleep is also your friend in releasing the fear. It allows you to work on the old fear patterns that you aren’t ready to face yet.



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