October 24, 2013

Releasing Desires.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Some Spiritual writers and advisers advise lifting-up a need or desire to God or The Universal Spirit, entrusting that need or desire to God or The Universal Spirit, and faithfully releasing all attachment to the outcome, trusting that it will be done. Often, these same Spiritual writers and advisers advise that one clearly formulate a need or desire in one's mind, perhaps even to write it down, then to "manifest" that need or desire by meditating on it, by acting as if it were already done, by thinking positively about it, by expecting it to materialize, etc. Is there a contradiction between these two methods? Can one employ them both at the same time for the same need or desire? Should one employ them both at the same time? Thank you for your response.


When we have a desire and then release it to the universe, that release not only implies that the universal intelligence will respond, it also implies that it will respond in the right time, right place, and in the appropriate way most conducive to your spiritual evolution. Universal Being has an intelligence far beyond the grasp of our desiring ego mind. If we desire to buy a home, and exhaustively list exactly how it must look in every detail, we are presuming our conditioned mind knows better about how to fulfill this need than the universe does.


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  1. Lisa Schimanski

    What if your desire is not conducive to your spiritual evolution?

  2. Luisa Enriquez

    pensamiento, palalbras y acciones un todo que vibran en el universo, pero sobre todas las cosas es sentir el amor y poder divino de dios en nosotros mismos que vive y mora

  3. Cecile Cole

    Thank you Deepak.

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