November 10, 2022
Ask Deepak

Reincarnating Enlightened People.


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Dear Deepak, You once answered a question about old souls where you said: “If you are enlightened and no longer have to reincarnate again, that doesn’t mean you can’t incarnate again if you want to continue experiencing the beauty of life. Being free from the bondage of karma means you are free and can do what you want.” I think this is a beautiful piece of wisdom that many people don’t realize however it did bring up a few questions in me about rebirth. Firstly, It is a well-established fact that enlightenment is permanent thing. However, if an enlightened person wishes to incarnate again then don’t they by default “lose” their enlightenment at their birth? Since we are all born and develop our personalities due to our experiences and environment, does this mean that the enlightened person would guarantee re-remember their enlightenment in that lifetime? Also when an un-enlightened person transitions from life on earth through death and experiences whatever they believe will happen, especially if they have no knowledge of anything spirituality based and are just “regular people”, it is understood that they will “have” to continue the cycle of rebirth until they realize themselves, so do they get to choose the circumstances of their next incarnation from a heightened (but not enlightened perspective) or are they merely subject to reincarnate into whatever life the Higher Self chooses for them? I must say I don’t like the latter idea because it implies a “separate divine entity” has control over a person’s destiny. I would love to hear what you think.


If an enlightened person decides to return into incarnation, then it is for a specific purpose, usually to help humanity. Regardless of what their spiritual status may look like to others, their true, liberated state of enlightenment is fully intact. That awakened consciousness within is always aware of itself. Whatever they may remember from their past or not is incidental. If past life memories are relevant for their task at hand, then they will remember them. If they aren’t then they probably won’t bother remembering past lives. 

As for the reincarnation of the unenlightened, the life-planning and organization of karma for that incarnation is not a deliberate or conscious type of planning by the higher self, the way we typically think of planning. It’s probably more like the course planning you do for your Junior year of college well into your degree. Most of what you need to take is spelled out by your degree requirements, you’re just making adjustments to make your schedule work. It’s not that anyone is forcing you into anything, it’s just a matter of what your soul is evolving toward.



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