December 31, 2021
Ask Deepak

Recycled Molecules.


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Deepak, you’ve mentioned many times that most of our body’s molecules get replaced every year. What type of evidence is there to support this? Many people say it takes seven to ten years for this to happen, and some argue that much of our body doesn’t get recycled at all.


The replacement of cells in all living organisms, not just the human body is not controversial, it is basic biology. Cells reproduce, divide and replace the old cells that die. The white blood cells last about one day, all the cells in our stomach lining are replaced after 3 days. Skeletal cells can take up to 10 years to be replaced. Only a few rare cells like corneal cells in the eye and perhaps some cerebral neurons don’t reproduce on their own, even though they came from stem cells just like all the other specialized cells.

I’m not sure what evidence you are looking for regarding molecules being replaced in the body. Cells are made of molecules, so if you replace the cells you replace the molecules. The body, and the cells it is composed of is mostly water. We don’t have the same water molecules in our body now that we had when we were embryos in our mother. We drink, eat, breathe molecules constantly and we excrete and exhale other molecules constantly. The evidence for this is the fact that we are alive. When we cease this recycling of molecular energy, our bodies die and return to thermodynamic equilibrium with the environment.



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