September 7, 2012

Recognizing Your Partner.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I´m reading your book about love- The Path to Love. I´m looking for a real love in my life, and my question is exactly about that: how to recognize "the one"; I mean, at this moment I can see many relationships are based on anything and far from real love. There are so many relationships where people just talk and think but they don´t really feel. It seems people approach love like they do fast food. I´m trying hard to find somebody who wants to live the love the way you describe in your book. My soul cries reading your words and looking at the reality around me…and I believe that one day I will find somebody who wants these things too, but I ask myself: how can I recognize this man and stop this circle of hurt and disappointment?


Your heartfelt desire for a loving companion comes through very clearly in your letter. I wish I could give you a simple objective sign to recognize your life partner, but it doesn’t work quite like that. When you meet your mate, there may be fireworks going off in your heart or not. Remember, when you see your love initially, what you are seeing is the potential for a profound life of love, not the finished product. It’s like a glimpse of a beautiful house you could build together, and therefore it remains to be determined whether you two will fulfill that promise.
So to build a life of love together with someone, there should be an easy feeling between you that goes beyond the superficial dynamics of sexual attraction and personality compatibility. To sustain a lifelong partnership there ought to be a deep quality of comfort and a natural connection that makes you feel more settled and stronger in yourself when you are with him. Once you find a suitable partner, then the real work (and joy) begins.


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  1. Varun Chopra

    very nice

  2. Joei RainbowLove

    real love is inside u x sharing your life with another should grow that love. believe you deserve the BEST and thats what you'll get

  3. Monica Sharma

    Love self and trust

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