April 3, 2012

Recognizing Intuition.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hi Deepak, Please tell me how to recognize my intuition. I have thoughts, fears and desires, but I I’m at a loss. What is intuition and how do I know what it is enough to trust it?


Reliable intuition should come from a very quiet comfortable feeling inside, not an agitated, excited place. Fear and desire can cloud one’s intuition. If you quiet your mind and come to that stillness within that is beyond fear or desire, you will find your source of pure intuition.


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  1. John

    These are just my thoughts, that flow from my beliefs, which are not set in stone but are dynamic and fluent evolutions, that take flight from reflection and contemplation of all of my experience, allowing my movement to the `switch on the wall`, from where I can choose to wane in darkness or flourish in the light... Intuition is not a feeling; it is a process and as such is neither inherently good nor bad. One definement has it as "quick or ready insight or apprehension". If the process originates from the right place, the heart, it will produce a quiet, peaceful and comfortable feeling inside. If it originates from someplace else, such as the mind, it will emanate your feelings of fear, anxiety, and discomfort. Your mind is not given for directing, it is given for reasoning; whereas your heart is given with passion for passion, as we were not meant to lead but to follow. Meditation is a powerful aide or tool in confirming your intuition. Enter your meditation with your experienced intuition, don`t try to shut any thoughts down, accept them, allow them to come and go, don`t dwell on or elaborate your thoughts. If you are able to find that stillness, your intuition is a worthy insight of outward action, but if you are unable to find stillness, it is worthy of only inward action for future insight; ie,reflection or contemplation. Hmmm, why do I feel this way?

  2. BigBee of the Whitetree

    Often one can find this sense of intuition in the sacral area of the body. It is located in the lowest part of the gut. The response in this area is often an audible `yes` or `no`. It is Not spoken from the thinking and analytical mind, (you know the one that has to be explained and have details to everything). It comes in the form of primal response. It is responding to the present condition know as the `NOW`. The key is to ask this area a question and listen to the response it gives. Placing a hand over the sacral center can be helpful in hearing this response mechanism of the body. May you be blessed in hearing your intuition and have the courage to follow it!

  3. Hendrik

    The more you listen to it the louder it gets.

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