October 31, 2016

Reality as Interpretation.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I have a question concerning Reality. I started asking this question to myself when my wife applied some eye drops on my left eye and for some reason I was horrified thinking about the tortures people go through in the prison camps or elsewhere (although I do not have any background or experience in those areas myself).

When you say that reality is an interpretation, and all that is created is by our consciousness isn’t what we create real enough to experience suffering and joy? To be more specific how do we transcend to a place where fearlessness becomes a true reality? I imagine what we carry as body, emotions and feelings are real enough then how is that – we are here and still not here?


What we create through our interpretation and conditioning is certainly real enough to give us the experience of suffering. That is due to how deeply ingrained these conditioned interpretations are and how thoroughly our identities are invested in that. To break free of that interpretation of reality requires a fundamental shift of allegiance away from identifying ourself primarily as our physical body and ego. Through meditation we can know our true self directly as non-local pure consciousness, and that experience reprograms our old limited conditioning into a more open and free sense of being that does not need to manifest the experience of suffering.



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