October 29, 2016

Reading Books.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I read your books The Ageless Body and The Book of Secrets. Most of the ideas in your books I recall having as a child. When I went to school, I developed the habit of trusting external information, not my inner intuition. Now I realize the inner messages are truer no matter what the world tells me otherwise.

Does reading books clip one’s own genius or does it reinforce it?  Should people only read scientific facts and quit trying to find out ideas of living one’s life from books?


One can read scientific material to learn about the world, and one can read other material to learn more about themselves. Either one is fine. And reading can serve to liberate us from our old thinking or reinforce that old thinking. It ultimately comes down to what attitude we approach reading with.  Reading can help us learn to trust our inner wisdom if we use the books as a validation of what we already have experienced not what we believe. This is what Plato meant when he said all knowledge is remembering.




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