July 30, 2021
Ask Deepak

Re-employment Adjustment.


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Dear Deepak, Although life had handed me a bowl of unemployment lemons, I’d always tried my best to make the best out of those dark days, by making lemonade & keeping busy with self-employment. Now after finally having obtained a permanent contract position & without sounding like an ungrateful brat, how do I balance trying to be grateful for this gift of employment with having to work a demanding & stressful job that causes anxiety & doesn’t utilize my talents? Although I will most certainly ‘keep my day job’, as a creative artist & sensitive creature, my new vocation is far away from what drives my passion. On the other hand, I welcome being able to financially provide for myself & my family. Your much needed & wise spiritual wisdom Deepak, would be most cherished for myself & others too. Thank you so much!


You did an admirable job in adjusting your perspective when you were unemployed by finding a way to make it meet your creative needs. Now you need to apply that same adaptability to see how this employment is meeting your financial needs. Finding peace with that can go a long way in diminishing the demands and stress that come with this job, because a lot of the stress can be traced to a silent resentment that the new job has taken away all the freedom and creativity of your self-employment. Since you are keeping that satisfying self-employment anyway, let the financial satisfaction of the other job be sufficient motivation to do it, and let your other job be your passion.



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