April 22, 2019

Raising a Special Needs Child.


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I am 30 and my wife is 29. We got married 6 years back and for first 4 years we didn’t have any child. Praying to God for a baby and medical treatment got us a baby 2 years back. We started to believe in God and became religious minded. God gave us a special needs child who is also sick a lot.  We are doing our best for his treatment, my wife even shifted to Mumbai to get better treatment. Baby is improving. Sometimes I think that God is harsh on us to give us a special needs child, sometimes I think that God is kind on us so that we can at least afford to give best treatment available to the child in India. It has left me all confused why this happened, is God good and kind on us or is He just testing us, making us stronger for something worse to come. I get these mixed emotions about God all the time, please help me.


Your child is an unqualified blessing, but it doesn’t have to do with God’s disposition toward you and your wife, it has to do with you and your wife’s souls and your respective spiritual needs.

Your beautiful baby and the limitless love and giving that your child arouses in you is an immeasurable gift. This love is a precious gift to your child, but also to you yourself and to everyone.

It’s true that the needs and demands of a special needs child will make you and your wife stronger emotionally and spiritually than before, but don’t look at that as a test from God, or a preparation for something more difficult to come. See this growing strength as another spiritual gift that is making you a better, more mature, and complete person.



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