April 9, 2021
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Quiet Mind.


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Dear Deepak Whenever I try to meditate by myself without any guidance I am invaded by images, ideas, concerns. How can I quiet my mind? Is it true that one can empty the mind? Thanks.


Thoughts are a part of meditation. We don’t need to get rid of them or try to push them away. If you use a mantra meditation for guidance, then when you notice you mind is wandering, you can gently return to the mantra. The mantra is the vehicle for the mind to go beyond thoughts, ideas and images. One is also taught how to deal with thoughts and feelings that arise during meditation. Do not try to push out thoughts or resist them to attain quietness. Instead, simply return to the mantra and allow the natural tendency of the mind to transcend thoughts to bring the mind to stillness.

Quieting the mind and emptying the mind mean that we experience subtler and subtler aspects of the thoughts arising in our mind until we experience the finest or vaguest form of the thought. Then when that subtlest thought fades away, the mind is without thought, but fully awake in itself. That is the quiet mind, the empty mind which is your true self, your core consciousness.



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