June 30, 2022
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Psychological Exhaustion.


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Hello Deepak, I’m learning a great deal this year and I’m able to deal with things in a more peaceful way. I work on accepting what is, learning from moments of pain as opposed to resisting them, I work not being attached to expectations, etc. I do all this work and I see great improvements in my life. One thing that I wonder if I could learn about is the psychological exhaustion that I feel sometimes, especially after dealing with my mother, and employing much energy in helping her deal with a very difficult family situation. I don’t think I have expectations, I don’t think I feel frustrated or angry, I’m just exhausted and feel drained of my energy. I know this moment too shall pass, but I wonder if you have some insight on this matter.


The close emotional connection you have with your mother means that you may be psychologically drained as you make yourself available to help her with the difficult family situation. This usually happens on an unconscious level out of a simple attitude of giving oneself to loved ones. Unfortunately, even though you are giving your energy out of love, it is unlikely that it is helping her very much, and it is draining you in the process. It’s not your life energy that she needs, but rather your emotional connection and stability rooted in your core self. You can be just as loving and more helpful, if you learn to manage your energy more intelligently. That essentially comes down to understanding that you can only be helpful to her if you are grounded in your own psychological wellbeing and energy. You can’t even be a loving and guiding presence to her if you are utterly exhausted inside. Once you consciously choose to not dissipate your energy out of an instinct to help, you will be able to maintain your reservoir of energy and learn to help her without depleting yourself.



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