January 2, 2013

Probabilities into Possibilities.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

There is a well known dictum that states categorically that a well known substance happens. Why do things happen? I am not speaking here of the out of the way surprises that the universe occasionally and randomly rains on us. I am speaking of the ways in which certain probabilities seem to follow us throughout our lives. They are called in physics probability waves or probability curves.

The emphasis given to a possibility wave increases the likelihood of its probability happening in space and time. If you learn to orchestrate your consciousness in a certain way, practice a kind of yoga of the mind, then you will find that you can change possibilities, alter outcomes, and even enable outcomes to flow as new and thickened possibility waves that lead to intended probabilities. By holding to the possibility, you are propagating a wave the moves and vibrates and undulates through space, and it would also seem, through time as well.

According to some of the most recent work in the new physics, this wave of possibility enters time past, present and future. Time is not a one way river according to quantum principles. This blows our mind for we are absolutely conditioned to believe in time’s arrow. Let me stun you further. Many have spoken of the increasing likelihood of the universe being a multiverse with parallel worlds, in which we exist as parallel selves but which are running with variations. (Let me add that it would seem that these parallel selves are still under the orchestral guidance of the same Oversoul, thus the similarities in pattern and happenings in our lives.) Some are further up and others are further down the time lines. We can re-member the future in a particular way, not just because of our intention and desire for this particular future, but also because that future also exists in some reality that is parallel to yours wherein you have made particular choices that have resulted in the particular desired things. You, by selecting for that future, engage the quantum probabilities of that world. It bleeds it’s probabilities into your own. It crosses the dimensional membrane. The same is true with regard to your past. You choose to remember in a new way a past with particular differences that may also be coming from a parallel reality that is in the past and can be considered a past-sending station.

Several years ago, I performed an experiment of this with the two mystery schools east and west, having people first determine from relatives and friends a particular event that happened—not a distinctive or important event. They agreed on the particulars of the event. Then I had them remember the event differently, calling in the event from a parallel past sending station. They performed this task until they got the “tone” of it as having happened in the past. Then they went back to their friends and relatives and asked them about the event in the past. In a significant number but not all by any means, their friend or relatives remembered the event in the new way. So I can not say whether in such experiences we are actually shifting the past and future or engaging a past or future sending station from a parallel world that reinforces a new possibility for us.

What we call visionaries or seers are ones who are able to receive information and events from time-distant sources, which could be parallel worlds up the time line or the probability frequency waves from the future crashing on the shores of present sensitive consciousness. On the other hand, people who have great difficulty in coping with life are those who exist in a strait jacket of belief with regard to an unmovable past and an inevitable future.

This discovery with regard to the co-existence of past, present and future along with the existence of parallel worlds is a momentous shift in our understanding of reality. It is tantamount to the discovery of fire, or the fact that the earth moves around the sun. It is as hard to accept as would be the bringing of television into the lives of French peasants in the 14th Century. Or the discovery that the earth is round and that other continents exist. It is terra incognito discovered. It is a whole new order of perspective that changes not just space but time and nature and our own ability to perceive different dimensions of reality. The mystical literature is replete with these discoveries and has been for several millennia. But who believes them? (Consider the great Buddhist Flower Sutra that speaks of the uncountable numbers of worlds and dimensions.) And its potential consequences are as great as any that have ever been launched on to human kind. What are some of the consequences?
If parallel futures are out there broadcasting, there are evidently sensitive people who can hear and even see them. Is this true for any of you reading this? Here are further speculations, that slip the boundaries of formal belief.

• Lucid Dreamers may be ones who have slipped he membrane of the local world as have those with certain mental disorders.
• Maybe flying saucers, visitations of aliens, etc are parallel world phenomena.
• High creativity such as that experienced by Einstein or Hildegard of Bingen which has futuristic content may be because they were receiving stations from future realities. They had the complexity and skill to be able to understand and express what they received in their visions and creative states.
• Visionaries are the ones who are able to tune out the everyday world and tune into these other worlds.
• Is it possible that those who have died may have actually moved on to a parallel dimension where they have continued with some kind of life? Perhaps the enormous and universal belief in heaven and hell relates to an expected parallel reality.
• Mystics often experience a timeless –spaceless simultaneously poly-dimensional reality because they have gotten into states of consciousness in which they are not held back by ego needs and expectations. Thus the mystic-social activist or artist or professional has at her command the selection for whatever reality she chooses from the myriad ones she perceives. Her mind enters into union with the great matrix Mind which transcends all space-time categories and includes them all as well as all of the worlds.

It would seem from this that “past” and “future” are simply reference points based on our sense of now. Both are simultaneous in the parallel worlds view of things.

As my friend, the physicist Fred Allen Wolf has indicated, reality as we perceive it, according to quantum physics, depends on the subtle relationship between a possibility wave and a probability curve. Possibility waves determine when and with what likelihood events occur They do not do so directly however for they are submerged under the reality we perceive. Yet, by our thoughts and engagement in a particular possibility we are capable of both canceling as well as reinforcing a particular possibility wave; in point of fact we shape the odds for something happening or not. These odds show up as probability curves. Probability curves show up when related possibility waves multiply each other. So if you and your friends agree to meditate and celebrate a particular possibility as happens for example, in indigenous rituals, then you are together multiplying the possibility effect that actualizes the probability curve. It also helps to envision this wave moving backwards into time past to activate latent potentials residing there to help in the manifestation as well as the obvious envisioning of the possibility emerging in the future. In this way waves of possibility from both past and future are amplifying your intended wave in your present, multiplying the factors of probability happening. This is a way of engaging potent causal relationship between ourselves and the events we want to bring into time. We are engaging a sub spacetime realm that is consonant with our deep mind or creative unconscious from which everything arises. This is ultimately a spiritual experience and a cosmic connection.


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  1. Hala

    A recent life event made me want to change the past. I read a book about NDE, one by Dr. Wolf, and ran into this blog. They all coincide on this idea that time is not linear, and of parallel realities. On days when I feel it`s hopeless to try this, synchronicities occur that change my mind back. This blog ads to other information I found by saying that we need to take the action ow that we wish we took in the past, and then we would eventually feel as if we did so in the past. I am going to try, I hope it works. If it does, this post would disappear! I wish there was a group that meditates together to help individuals change specific personal past events.

  2. Trixie40

    Hello Jean, I am Aaron McMurtrey. Fascinating new physics indeed. The fundamental principle of a super confluent hyper-geometric equation. Physicists like to call it super symmetry. It is however refining super symmetry to a super confluent rytthmic sequence. Defining the phase shift of the electron to its caloric, or cold fusion value. It establishes a numerical, and natural rytthmic sequence. An incompressible total volume, compressible by percent to volume, thus stabilizing the integral curves of Einstein`s equation. I wrote it.

  3. kimrola

    The Self without the Self is neither past or future.

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