July 2, 2021
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Praying for Mother.


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I love my mother very much, however, I have never had a good relationship with her. My mother only sees the negative aspects of everything and everyone and if you disagree with her she gets very angry and cuts you off, meaning will not speak with you for a long time. She also has a habit of offending people and putting them down but then she turns it around and acts like a victim. As a child, I couldn’t do anything about it because I was a kid, but as a grown woman I really get sad at how she treats my other siblings and other family members and even her friends. It has become impossible to have a conversation with her without her accusing you of wishing her evil. I have decided to just leave her alone and pray for her, but I still feel kind of sad because I would really love to have a relationship with her. I am making the right decision by leaving her alone and just praying for her?


It’s not really a question of being a right or wrong decision: a distant loving relationship with her seems to be the only workable alternative to a relationship where in her presence, you simply try to put up with her negativity. You can explain yourself to her if you like and say that you would like to have a meaningful adult relationship with her, but find you cannot when the conversation is about other people’s perceived motives and her own hurt feelings. If she finds that she is sufficiently motivated to develop a new relationship with you, but finds it hard to change old habits, tell her you will help her and meet her half way.



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