September 29, 2013

Pondering Death.


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Dear friend : I discovered your ideas two years ago roughly, and I must say, they´ve influenced me tremendously, as you have put into words, things that I instinctively, since a child, thought. I am a Portuguese woman, I grew up in Portugal and I am an artist as well, I live in London now, and your ideas have inspired my art work. I would like to know what do you think about this idea which is , since there is a silent witness, a consciousness above and inside us, don´t you think it could be interesting to challenge the idea of death? Maybe there is no death but just a change of state. Like, when a baby is born, when a baby is inside of us, he is just in a transformational state. So there is always a movement into another type of consciousness all the time, a more total one. But can that total or "above" consciousness talk to you personally? Have you experienced that? Because I think one should as well pay attention to our "antenna". You know, I am the antenna "Maria", you are the antenna "Deepak"… Those antennas have some purpose, so personal biographies and sense of self have some kind of function right? I notice that with my young son. He needs to build his personality his character… I love the way you mix science studies with Eastern philosophies and spirituality. Well just to let you know I admire your work, and I believe we as a whole are developing into a quite exciting and new era! Lots of love to you


In my book, Life After Death I speak of death as a transformation of consciousness from an embodied state to a different less limited state, just as you have suggested. Understanding our life as a continuum of consciousness that undergoes transformation as a journey towards full self-realization, helps to remove the fear of death as an absolute end.



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  1. Bishnu

    Now Science has predicted that with help of Nano Science and Bio technology death can be won over,Man will be immortal disease free, aging will be stopped. Only issue remained will be accident.But that too can be eliminated. Computers will help to see impressions in our psyche which will be big tool for introspection.So what we achieve with help of meditation can be done by Technology. Immortality according to science is going to be achieved by 2045 and for whole civilization it will be available by 2075.

  2. Karma Shil

    no one can escape from death,that is the way of life,anyone can escape from life,that is the way death.

  3. Dahlis Roy


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