May 17, 2022
Ask Deepak

Pondering Death.


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Dear friend: I discovered your ideas two years ago roughly, and I must say, they´ve influenced me tremendously, as you have put into words, things that I instinctively thought, ever since I was a child. I am a Portuguese woman, I grew up in Portugal and I am an artist as well, I live in London now, and your ideas have inspired my artwork. I would like to know what do you think about this idea which i: since there is a silent witness, a consciousness above and inside us, don´t you think it could be interesting to challenge the idea of death?

Maybe there is no real death but just a change of state. Like, when a baby is born, when a baby is inside of us, he is just in a transformational state. So there is always a movement into another type of consciousness all the time, a more total one. But can that total or “above” consciousness talk to you personally? Have you experienced that? Because I think one should as well pay attention to our “antenna”. You know, I am the antenna “Maria”, you are the antenna “Deepak”… Those antennas have some purpose, so personal biographies and sense of self have some kind of function right? I notice that with my young son. He needs to build his personality his character… I love the way you mix science studies with Eastern philosophies and spirituality. Well just to let you know I admire your work, and I believe we as a whole are developing into a quite exciting and new era! Lots of love to you.


I agree with you wholeheartedly. In one of my books, Life After Death I speak of death as a transformation of consciousness from an embodied state to a different less limited state, just as you have suggested. Understanding our life as a continuum of consciousness that undergoes transformation as a journey towards full self-realization, helps to remove the fear of death as an absolute end.



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