March 26, 2012

Pleasure and Love.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

 Pleasure can exhaust itself but love is inexhaustible.

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  1. Soni Shalini

    " Better to be conquered by love than to win thousand battles of pleasure " When we love and live for sensation of the moment & nothing else, we are on the path of pleasure. What gives us pleasure? One may get pleasure in doing well to others, while others may derive pleasure, rather sadistic one in the misery of others, some may be happy only in worldly pursuits which may be self seeking while others may crave for divine pleasures in charity & compassion. Thus pleasure is a subjective phenomenon may be person and event specific, while love is a creative energy which never gets exhaust, it is only about the welfare of the loved ones & may even be at the cost of sacrificing personal Sending children to boarding schools implies sacrifice of personal pleasure but parents still do it for the love for the children. Pleasure is momentary in nature & is time and incident specific, while love is beyond time and space. It is permanent in nature & personal pleasure may at times be a road block in the quest for love. Mind you! when we go on the quest for pleasure, we chose pain as our counterpart as pleasure is a bondage and enslaves us, thus it is dependent on others for its fullfilment. It carries the seed of fear for future and keeps us unnecessarily occupied from cradle to grave, in the process we miss the beauty of life. This is not what the human birth is all about. All pleasure & no love makes us no less than an animal. So rising in love is better than falling in pleasure. We need to make love our life, as love creeps into life pleasure takes the back seat. We know that love is a journey and not a desination. Aptly said by Tagore- " Love is the begining of the journey, its end and the journey itself". It a beautiful journey from one soul to another and the path paved by the heart. It is inexhaustable and every moment is a new begining of love, no matter how long is the journey we feel fresh and feather light. It is all light and healing the essence of what was , what is & what will be. " Satisfied and Satisfied. I remain steady within my heart and now I don`t waver at all. God has given me the inexhaustable treasure of love, it never decreases and never runs out `

  2. heartphone

    The G-spot in the heart is Gratitude. If gratitude is the feeling of root, love sprouts from the seeds and they will blossom good, like flowers opening up to the Sun, knowing in gratitude where their life begun....

  3. Laura Hurtado

    Pleasure vs love interesting

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