October 17, 2014

Plant Killing.


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Is being a vegetarian as harmful as eating meat? Plants are shown to react to pain. I use to think that by not killing animals I was doing good, but the same damage is also caused to plants. After thinking, I thought the best method would be to eat plants have fallen from the tree, but even that can be seen as harmful, where the worms and other creatures could have digested the fallen fruit but now cannot as I have taken it. What are your thoughts on this, I looked online and I constantly found the answer that plants don’t feel pain. I was hoping you could shed some light as to what your viewpoint is on this topic.
Thank you


Studies may have shown that plants react to stimuli, but it’s too big of a leap to say it experiences pain the way organisms with central nervous systems experience pain. Even the strictest non-violent sects still eat plants. Don’t worry that your diet is depriving other decomposing organisms of food. There’s still plenty for them. You can eat vegetables with a clear conscience. If you want to be a more conscious consumer, I would suggest buying produce that is local, organic and sustainably raised.


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  1. anon

    70% of the plants being produced in the world, are fed to animals in the meat industry. If you want to minimize the number of plants being `killed`, you could do that by first minimizing the number of animals being killed in the meat industry. Minimizing the consumption of animals products will automatically reduce the amount of harm done to both animals and plants. We don`t need to eat animal products to be healthy. We need to eat plants. Go vegan.

  2. steph

    I`ve read the bible & it does not say in Genesis 1 26-30 that God said we could eat animals. That`s a lie and twisting of what those verses actually say. It says we can eat the plants and so can the animals that He created to do so. Our teeth and rest of our digestive system isn`t made to consume and digest flesh or animal products. But we are made to consume plant life and many different kinds of plant life.

  3. veggie

    you more or less eat the product of a plant and you can use the seeds to grow that many more plants without having to ever kill the plant itself.. with animals you just have to kill them and put them throught violence and pain its an opportunity to make a conscious choice..

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