January 8, 2017

Personal Teacher.


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 I’m continuing to have “experiences” that are outside my realm of understanding. I’m grappling with the concepts that our souls are multi-dimensional and can have simultaneous lifetimes, that a soul can be incarnate on more than one plane of existence at a time and we can energetically connect or interact with souls on different planes (as well as our own) that we have shared a previous existence with, That while you are you, you are also others.  A far reaching idea as most humans see time only as linear. And pretty far reaching concepts for a forum such as this, so my question is really about your advice on finding a personal teacher.  I’m curious if you think it is a good idea to work with someone with more experience to help guide and explain some of the things one encounters in their process or if just openness to spirit is all one really needs in a search for truth and beauty.  At present I can get very bewildered (and excited!!!) by all that is opening up to me (or me opening to it…)  While it is thrilling, I frequently wonder just how much is true and how much is me just going a bit crazy and delusional. It is not so easy to talk to most people about such things, as my experiences seem to be a bit out of the ordinary, even for others on a spiritual path. I’m just wondering if you think it is more beneficial to continue on my own to discover my truth my own way or to seek guidance and support from those who have passed this way before. I’ve put the question out there to the universe but so far, no one is appearing at my door … 🙂


I don’t see the question of looking for a teacher or being open to discovering your truth on your own as being mutually exclusive. Ideally, if you find a mentor/teacher to help you sort out the significance of your experiences, she will do so in a way that relies upon you accessing your own wisdom. And being open to spirit’s guidance does not have to be restricted to only listening to ideas that occurred to you. Guidance doesn’t have to show up at your door as a person, it should be welcomed whether it comes in the form of books, Nature, or even the comment of a stranger. Wherever it comes from is good as long as it comes from love and without any strings attached.



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