February 18, 2021
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Personal Mission.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Do we have a personal mission in each incarnation? If so, how do we discover it? Can we rely on astrology To discover It through the northern lunar node? By going after our mission don’t we create new Karma?


We do all have a personal mission for our life, but it usually isn’t the kind of grand mission we think of when we think of people with obvious life missions like Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi. Our mission consists of faithfully following the path of life experience that unfolds our self-realization. That can look quite mundane from the outside. You can perfectly be living your life purpose as a single mom working various part-time jobs without ever settling into a career. We tend to assume that our mission is supposed to be clear-cut, like being a film maker, or a business tycoon, but one may be a successful entrepreneur and yet not be utilizing that experience properly for one’s spiritual evolution and therefore not truly living the personal mission that their soul has mapped out for that lifetime.

To discover your mission, you can utilize whatever available tools you have that offer you deeper insight into your inner nature, your talents, and gifts. But whatever ideas you have about your true path in life, what ultimately matters is how strongly your inner self is awakened, because that is the light that guides your way even when your mind and emotions are clouded and confused. That is why the ancient sages have always counselled meditation as the foundation for finding your way through life.



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    Thank you! I needed to hear that!

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